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Free Online Radio Player Recorder

Free Online Radio Player Recorder

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Record Online Radio

The Record Audio feature acts just like a tape recorder. Anything you are listening to can be captured in real time.

Here's how to record audio using Free Online Radio Player Recorder:

1. Start playing web radio & launch web radio recorder

First, you should click the down arrow on the radio player and pick a radio station from the dropdown menu. Then, click the "Play" button and the radio player will start buffering. Later on you can see the playing signal and hear the sound. Click the "Record Online Radio" button to activate the online radio recorder.

Online Radio Recorder

2. Select recording card and recording source

Click "Mixer" to select the proper sound source from the dropdown list within. The names of the sound sources to record streaming audio may be different in various operating systems, usually named Stereo Mix, Wave, What You Hear or something like that. The proper Volume & Balance of the recording is pre-defined for each source.

Set Recording Device & Recording Source

3. Start recording

Start recording and wait (If you need to change settings of output format, output quality, AGC, VAS, hotkeys, etc., click "Options"). To quit recording, click "Stop recording" and the recorded sound will be directly output to the output folder & listed in the file list with detailed info like filename, location, date, duration & size. You can play the recording with the built-in player. Right-click on the added file and select "Open the folder where the file is stored" to directly open the output folder - that means you don't even have to change the default output directory as the files can be quickly found.

Start Recording

Download Free Online Radio Player Recorder and learn how it can make you more productive.